Hello World from FloatisLand

Imagine traveling across the globe, at a leisurely clip, while working on your greatest passion, nested comfortably in a massive floating arcology.

You are surrounded by the World, a community of people from around the World, and living systems integrated from the progressive research into the most appropriate and ideal systems.

This is the vision for FloatisLand. A vision that encompasses a grand ideal, to build a floating research station that travels from continent to continent on it own evolving superstructure.

The massive floating structure is in part, bio-constructed by an electro-accretion of ocean minerals on a metal gridform that encloses a series of unique flotation and displacement hull geometries.

The resulting superbuoyancy, would be expanded by building an interconnected meshwork of smaller articulated grid geometries.

The arcology would be fully integrated with complete life support systems in food, water, zero-waste resource base and renewable energy self-sufficiency.

FloatisLand, would be an evolving floating superstructure with experimentation in  bio-arcology design.

One of FloatisLand’s secondary functions would be to clean the ocean, by filtering and electrostatically removing micro-plastic from the surrounding seawater. Massive hydrofilters would filter the water like whales filter krill through their baleen. In turn, this plastic would be recycled and processed down to re-usable resource materials, and its petrochemical constituents.

The power generating base of the arcology would be wind, solar, wave and experimentation with power storage, salinity, water as fuel, and fuel cell technology.

The living structures of FloatisLand, would work like cells themselves; independent, yet interconnected. Podforms, and organic architecture would ensure that the spaces felt more cosy and embryonic, rather than separated and squared off.

Circularity, and re-current systems would interlink the energy, food, water, waste and material management into a complimentary, closed loop efficiency.

The periphery of the structure would create a wave attenuation zone, that would extract kinetic energy from the waves, delivering a calmer ocean going experience for the travellers, while providing an abundance of energy for water desalination and other integral systems.

FloatisLand would begin its development linked to the mainland, connected to The Torus, another bio-arcology research project in the visionment stages.

We would like to discuss the project, with all who are interested.

Our lines of communication are open. Feel free to connect. We look forward to evolving the ideas together.